my expertise

My specialty is the restoration and conservation of furniture, seats, and woodwork. I work on high-end furniture from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, including veneered, marquetry, and solid wood pieces.
With a diverse clientele, I restore antique furniture of all types and from all regions.

I possess expertise in restoration techniques that enables me to work with precious materials and woods, such as tortoiseshell, mother-of-pearl, ivory, brass, tin, and various wood species. Among my specialties are clock furniture and boxes, as well as Boulle marquetry.

My skills also include:

– Finishing with French polish, filled wax, Martin varnish, and varnishes based on 18th-century techniques and recipes.

– Utilizing both traditional and modern techniques for enhanced conservation and reversibility.

– Restoring and recreating wood paneling, wainscoting, and libraries.

– Custom traditional craftsmanship.

I will also accompany you by providing advice on the maintenance and conservation of the furniture after restoration. I will take into account your criteria and needs to successfully carry out a restoration or recreation.

my clients

My clientele is diverse, and I work with museums, castles, and national estates.

I collaborate with municipalities for their historical and religious heritage.

Not to mention private individuals, including collectors and owners of antique furniture.